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Methods of Preparing Crabs That Will Save Your Time

The availability of crabs depends on the season and the country. Crabs are full of nutrients that are excellent for your body. How you prepare and serve the crabs determines whether people will love the dish or not. Serve the crabs with other dishes as well. You will spend minutes preparing crabs when you use these recipes.

Crabs can be grilled. The crabs must be cleaned before grilling. The crabs will cook faster when you steam or boil them halfway before you grill them. Steam or boil them before you clean them. Toss the whole cleaned crabs with some olive oil, a minced clove of garlic plus some chopped rosemary or thyme leaves if you like. A hot grill will make the crabs brown on both sides. You need to grill crabs with soft shells in a different way for them to taste.

Boiling crabs is the common way of cooking them. Find a pot of water that is of the appropriate size to boil the crabs. Make sure that you salt it enough to make the crabs taste like ocean water. Some beer or wine can be added into the water to add the flavor. Add seasonings that appeal to you. Add the crabs quickly for them to cook for the same amount of time. The time the crabs take to float as you boil them depends on their sizes. The crabs should cool before you serve.

The juices in the crabs can be retained by steaming. Bring water that is already salted to a boil in a large pot. Use the steamer basket to steam the crabs. The crabs can be oiled into the pot, and the crabs at the bottom will be the platform to steam the other crabs. The large crabs take longer time to be ready. Use tongs to remove the crabs from the pot or steamer basket. Let the crabs cool before you clean and serve them so that you don’t get burnt. Rinse under cool water to speed up the cooling process.

Roast the crabs and enjoy your meal. The oven needs to be preheated. Clean the crabs after boiling or steaming for a few minutes. You have to know the right ways to clean the crabs so that you do not spoil the taste by cleaning them inappropriately. Use seasonings you love on the crabs that are placed on the roasting pan. You can skip seasoning the crabs using chili. The crab will turn brown in the oven after a few minutes.

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