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Care Tips for Your Blue Pitbull Pup

Blue Pits are highly popular today and have even received the nickname, “Blue Lust” as breeders struggle to meet the crazy demand for these canines. If you have decided that you want one of these dogs, you need to discover more about them so you can provide them the right care.

The following are seven handy care tips for your future Blue Pit puppy:

Start training pronto.

Begin by teaching positive habits and obedience commands to your pup. If you are unsure how to do it, check out instructional videos or books online, or better yet, enlist the help of a dog training professional.

Feed him properly.

Vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and peas, as well lean meats such as turkey and chicken, are the best sources of nutrition for your Pit pup. If you don’t enjoy preparing dog meals from scratch, you can approach your breeder and ask for dog food recommendations. As well, remember that smaller, multiple feedings over a day will prevent bloat, a serious and sometimes fatal digestive issue that results from overeating.

Do not skip his shots.

Missed vaccinations can mute the effectiveness of earlier received vaccines, boosting your pup’s risk of contracting diseases like Distemper or Parvo. Frequent trips to the vet are also recommended to make sure that your dog is on track with his growth, and that there are no problems with his development.

Give him appropriate toys.

No different from other dog breeds, Pitbulls are crazy about chewing, but make sure your pup gets toys and bones that are as entertaining for him as they are suitable for his strong jaws and teeth. You sure don’t want those toys ending up in his stomach and causing medical complications.

Let your pup socialize.

It’s important for your Blue Pit pup to learn to socialize with the world, whether it’s with people, other dogs, his vet, riding in a car, and so on. And obviously, the sooner he starts socializing, the less likely he will develop aggressive behavior when he’s an adult.

Exercise your Blue Pit.

Large breeds usually have so much energy to be released. Therefore, your Blue Pit will need a chance to be physically active every day. Make sure your pup can go outside to run and play as a daily routine. Play fetch, chase and other games stimulate his mind and body.

Neuter your Pit pup.

Finally, unless you plan on breeding your Blue Pit, neutering him makes perfect sense. This will prevent unwanted breeding and passing down of genes.

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