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Tow truck drivers are not given a second glance nor a little consideration when people are not yet in need of their services. People do not give value to the way that they are risking their lives and limbs just to aid the people who are experiencing inconvenient issues on busy roads and highways. They are the car and truck equivalent of first responders, seeking to help the people that need saving, and encouraging road safety at the location. There are very tough cases when we simply do not know what to do and how to fix it, and that is when a tow truck driver will become of utmost importance.

But the thing is, when tow trucks stop in the middle of the road to do their jobs, they are left exposed to the heavy and reckless traffic that poses a threat to their safety. Tow truck drivers perform precautionary efforts to safeguard their protection, such as putting up warning signs and towing lights, but these efforts are often to no avail. Other drivers on the road are quite reckless and irresponsible when it comes to such dealings. These detestable drivers ignore the law and other regulations, not giving a second glance to the tow truck lights in the middle of the road and speeding as though it is their last chance to ever drive. These are the people who put the lives of tow truck drivers at a very high risk that leads to possible injuries. These words are based upon the truth that there have already been multiple accounts of injuries as well as deaths of tow truck drivers that have stemmed from this unbecoming behavior of other drivers on the road. To add credibility to this, the Department of Labor states that there have been 852 tow truck drivers that have passed away in the sole year of 2016.

In forty-three states of the United States of America, the Move Over Law is being put into effect, in which motorists are required to provide a safe clearance for emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, law enforcement vehicles, ambulances, and even tow trucks, yet the vast majority of Americans are not informed of the existence of such a law and those who are actually making the choice of ignoring it and disregarding it completely. This deliberate in compliance of the law is the reason why at least one tow truck driver is killed or injured each week. If you read more now on this matter, you will be shocked at the sheer truth of this statement.

So now, what must we do? The solution is simply to make tow trucks and their drivers better seen by others on the road with tow truck lights and waterproof work lights. For more about this, see details and shop here at Tow Mart!

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