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A Clear Guide on the Ultimate Hair Type

Human beings are characterized by very many factors and hair is one of them. There are many kinds of hair types and you could have wondered which category yours falls into. The different classes of hair types can be used to tell the race that someone belongs in. By knowing your hair type, you can determine which hair products to use and the ones to avoid. See more on the characteristics that are used to classify human hair.

It is the most preferred type of hair that is liked by people so as to give a specific look. It offers the most pretty asymmetry look. The straight nature of the hair strands give the hair a certain damage proof nature due to the ease inflow of natural oil which helps in making the strands stronger. It is possible by the use of the unique features present in the straight hair type to classify them into three divisions.

The wavy hair type can be turned into the straight and curly hair type by just applying the needed modifications. This hair type gets frizzed up to easily and may require you to constantly apply the anti-frizzing products so as to reduce these effects. It also has there subcategories where the first one is the type two A or fine wavy hair which is the loosest one and is usually straight and has a casual s-shaped wave, The type two B or the medium wavy hair is the second type which tends to make a natural wave style look pretty easy to achieve and The last one is the type two C or the coarse wavy hair which is the coarsest and thickest.

It is a class of people who have curls on their hair. This hair type is more youthful-looking than the other type as it is all about the s-shaped curls. The curls require regular trimming so as to get rid of the dry ends. It also has there subcategories and the type there A or the fine curly hair is the thinnest and loosest of the curly hair types, Type there B or he medium curly hair ha a medium and thick looks where curls can be bouncy with spirals, The type three C or the coarse curly hair has more volume than the other three types of curls.

The kinky hair type is usually associated with having an African or African-American roots. This hair type usually has a zigzagging pattern and have several thin hairs growing tightly together. It has more advantages as its wearers have a large volume of expressive styles that they can adopt. The three subgroups of the kinky hair group have unique features that help them in getting grouped.

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