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What to Do Before Starting Tango Lessons

When it comes to argentine Tango, it not just about the dance. Instead, there is too much history, which is usually consisted of distinctive customs, music, and etiquette of its own. If you plan to begin your tango classes, then you must be feeling very excited considering what you have always watched on different shows if you have been a fan. The dance is not difficult, but it becomes interesting and very easy if you take your lessons in the best class with the best trainer. Also, there are so many other considerations that need to be taken before starting tango classes. If you are new and need to know what the considerations are, they are all listed below.

The first thing you have to be sure of is where you are supposed to begin. This is a question that many new dancers ask before they become experts. If you are a newcomer, you should definitely take the level 1. This is the level where the newbies get all the introduction they are supposed to get when they start their tango classes. This is where you learn a movement code that will enhance you to get started. This code is about the connection, embrace, posture as well as the dance floor basic navigation which is usually emphasized.

Once you are through with level 1, that is when you need to know whether you are ready for the next level, if learning skills are perfect, then it should take you not more than three months, just like any other students. After you are done with this level, you then are allowed to join level 2. Although you will be introduced to levels 3 and 2, that doesn’t mean that you stop level 1. You will still be needed to continue, although this time around, it will be free of charge.

Shoes are one of the necessities that a tango dancer should be sensitive to. However, when you design this dance, the kind of shoes does not matter that much. As long as you are wearing suede or leather shoes, you can begin your dance classes. If your shoes also have hard plastic, then they can also be applicable. Note that there is going to be a lot of pivoting that you will be doing on tango. Thus, you do not want to wear shoes that will easily stick to the floor. If this happens, then you might end up hurting your knee.

The clothes you wear for tango also need to be considered. You do not want to wear something you are not comfortable in. For instance, a tight dress that does have an elastic material might only make you keep tripping and falling. If you wish to be able to dance smoothly for tango, then you need to wear a flowing skirt, Capri pants, or gaucho, which are the best selection for women. For men, they can either wear pants or jeans, but they should be loose ones so that they can move easily.

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