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All about Home Tests For Sleep Apnea

Initially, sleep apnea test was only conducted in a sleep laboratory. The element of sleep apnea testing has however been made easier with technology. For people who think they have sleep apnea, the home testing market has been growing over the past few years. For you to get approved for sleep apnea testing at home, you have to be available. Some insurance plans have also approved payment for these tests. Home testing for sleep apnea is not permitted for everyone. For you to be accepted, there are some conditions that you should first meet.

One of these conditions is that you should be in the age group of between eighteen and sixty-five years. You can also not be approved if you do not belong in the category of people with a high risk of medium or critical sleep apnea. Among a number of these risks includes; being severely overweight, loud snoring, breathing pauses while sleeping, and extreme sleepiness at day time. You cannot be approved if you have serious medical problems like lung disease or congestive heart failure. Having been diagnosed with central sleep apnea, narcolepsy, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, or sleeplessness is another one of these conditions.

It is easy to use the home sleep test kit which is a mini computer. The air flow through your mouth and nose is recorded by this sleep strip so that the doctor can later have a look at the results. This will help the doctor to determine if indeed you have sleep apnea and how severe the condition might be. You only require a little bit of training, and you will be able to put the strip all by yourself. Apart from the sleep apnea test being comfortable and safe to use, it is also readily available. A place like your bedroom is ideal for taking the test because you are comfortable when sleeping.

It is not easy to fall asleep in a strange place, and that is why it is essential to take this test at home. The self-testing device has a recording device that can be placed on your nightstand. There are also sensors that are provided for measuring the chest movement, pulse, snoring, breathing, and oxygen level. The home test kit also comes with materials that are easy to understand and guide you on how to use the sleep apnea test. All the information that is recorded while you are sleeping is then examined and studied. Your doctor is then given a well-prepared statement. He will then looks at the account and advise you on what to do.

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