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Why I Wait: What’s Behind the Campaign for Abstinence?


For every campaign of abstinence and celibacy, there is a reason for love. People wait for the right and legal time to pursue and amorous affair with their partners not because they are asexual and or they have impairment to deal with their sexual drive but they wait patiently and faithfully because in the beginning there is a promise of love.

A lot of people find abstinence as a joke. They never believe that a single couple or human can continue with their life and relationship without being intimate and sexual with their partners. They will shove studies about how intimacy can strengthen one’s relationship to your face like it’s the only remaining truth that you need to know about relationship and loving a person.

But here is the thing, love bears all things. It is patient, forgiving, it is trusting and above all else love knows how to wait. The campaign for abstinence is not all about outing your craving on hold while you wait it’s learning the art of loving the way what a genuine love is. It’s highlighting on the point that two people can share a bountiful and meaningful relationship outside marriage without having to dwell with physical intimacy. It’s stressing on the point that you can still show your love without being sensual and aggressive physically towards each other.

Genuine love will not badge to wait for the perfect time for all things.

If you are willing to join the abstinence campaign please remain guided about the possible things that you can do as you wait and join the campaign. The campaign for abstinence is not all about waiting for the right time but you can also render some help while making a point for your cause. You can become a donor or a volunteer for the work. You can render yourself useful as you wait for your moment.

All the ruckus and clout of the campaign of abstinence is calling for all people out there to make a stand against fornication and the dangers and risks of unsafe intercourse. Indeed, doing those stuffs is fun and thrilling in an amorous kind of way. But still the sanctity of being together is being felt more intimate when you will learn to wait for the right time to do all stuffs together. You need to wait because genuine love does.

If you are afraid that your partner would not understand the kind of beliefs you have for joining the campaign for abstinence, don’t be. If they love you wholeheartedly, they will understand you and will join you and together you can wait as you involve yourself in the possible productive things you can do as a couple. Take that as a sign to read whether they are the right one for you or not. Take that as something you can use to measure or determine whether your partner is serious with you or not because abstinence will measure their patience and love for you.

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