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Guidelines For Designing a Squarespace Website’s Landing Page

The landing page is specifically made with the sole purpose of capturing the web visitors or rather the prospective customer’s information through an inclusion form. Visitors to your landing page becomes a lead once they fill in the form. There are people that think that having a form on say a homepage or any other page on the site is enough to generate leads while the truth is that they cannot generate as effectively as a dedicated page would. The best landing pages feature equal exchange in that, if you want the visitors to give up their information then you have to have compelling offers. Here are some of the tips to get you started on creating an effective landing page that will focus on getting the visitors to fill out the form.

The potential leads will be scouring the pages quickly for key information, and this means therefore that you have to be really focused and not have more than necessary. A cookie-cutter type of a landing page will not work because you will not be able to directly speak to the visitors. The actual content, the font size, and color should, therefore, be used to hammer the most critical details form and also focus on their parts of the exchange. One of the best ways that you can focus the visitors’ attention exactly where you want is through the use of the contrasting colors.

Branding your page will not only further the business’s recognition, but will also give them confidence of their place in the infobahn. Adding social proof like excerpted social media post from the pas clients is one of the ways that you can offer credibility and assure them that you are trustworthy. An image-heavy page may be visually appealing, bur may also distract them from, the main goal or primary task which will be filling in the form and the design therefore should be clean. These pages may also take extra time to load and this is not good for you because people will not want to wait around for a page that is taking more time than necessary to load.

The ability of the visitors to quickly interpret what to read and where to go in order to fill in the form, the layout, is the most unimportant aspect of the landing page. You should, therefore, make sure that the visitors have an easy time on the landing page, easy to follow procedures and a great experience altogether. The only way that you will be able to capitalize on the marketing investment is if you translates the visitors into leads, and this is why you should get on to developing a landing page that will do just that.
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